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ski mountaineering: challenging

Dolomites ski mountaineering: challenging backcountry ski touring

When the mountain is dressed in white and enveloped in fascinating silence and breathtaking views, the best way to enter this paradise is to push your skis, at a slow and rhythmic pace, on the white mantle. The ascent flows pleasantly, letting yourself be carried away by the power of the views that follow one another; leaving the line of your curves on the descent is the icing on the cake. This page presents proposals for “difficult” backcountry ski-touring. What characterises these itineraries are height differences of over 1200 metres and technical difficulties which require a good mastery of skis. We are certainly not talking about extreme skiing, what we want you to discover during the difficult backcountry ski touring, are the great ascents to the 3000 metres of the Dolomites and beyond!

type of activity

Ski-touring “challenging”


vertical gap  >1200 meters

Level: Fit 3-4/ Tech: 3-4



customised programme

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group tours
A list of "intermediate" tours.

MARMOLADA: a ski tour just in front of the queen south face

CIMA LA BANCA (2875 metres).

This peak, which can be reached and skied from the top, offers a privileged terrace on one of the most impressive walls of the Dolomites, the south face of the Marmolada.  In addition to this exceptional panorama, the environment and the slopes it offers will make this excursion an unforgettable memory.


GAP: ascent, descent 1400 metres.

MARMOLADA: ski mountaineering to the Dolomites highest peak

PUNTA PENIA 3343 metres.

With its 3343 metres, Punta Penia is the highest peak of the Marmolada and therefore of the Dolomites. The length of the itinerary and the high altitude may frighten some people, but the satisfaction of reaching the summit cross is an irresistible attraction for many.


GAP: ascent and descent 1300 metres.

VAL BADIA: a long and unique tour

PIZ DE LAVARELLA (3055 metres)

This splendid 3000m peak dominates Val Badia with its steep western slope, while the eastern slope is the site of our ascent, which involves low technical difficulties, a long climb and a landscape of unique beauty through Val di Fanes. The itinerary can also be combined with another descent in order to make a wonderful traverse.


GAP: ascent and descent 1300 metres.

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO: a really challenging peak

ANTELAO (3264 metres)

Antelao is one of the most recognisable and imposing of the Dolomite giants: in fact, its pyramid shape towers above all others and is recognisable from every corner of the Dolomites. Skiing this peak is a dream within reach of well-trained and technically prepared people.


GAP: Ascent 2030 metres, descent 2030 metres.

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO: the most famous 3000 peak of Cortina

TOFANA DI ROZES (3225 metres).

The Tofana di Rozes is certainly one of the most beautiful 3000 m peaks in the Dolomites for ski-touring. In fact, it is possible to ski directly from the summit, without encountering extreme technical difficulties but slopes with a perfect inclination for skiing!


GAP: Ascent and descent 1200 metres.

ZOLDANA VALLEY: a mountaineering experience

PELMO (3168 metres)

Pelmo is also known as the Throne of God, in fact the shape is that of a comfortable armchair, with steep walls on the north side and very pleasant slopes from a skiing point of view. What characterises this climb, however, is a section of vertical wall that can be overcome by abseiling on the descent, but on the ascent needs to be climbed with a fourth degree of difficulty.


GAP: ascent and descent 1750 metres.

VAL BADIA: a wild paradise

CIMA PUEZ (2913 metres) traverse.

This itinerary can be considered a classic high level ski-touring route, the panoramic peak is reached through the beautiful and not difficult D’Antersass valley. Having reached the summit, instead of retracing our steps, we head to the opposite side to descend the north couloir, which presents rather serious technical difficulties.


LEVEL: ascent, descent 1400 metres.

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