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Walking in snowshoes

Walking in snowshoes in the Dolomites

Woods in the wintertime are special: everything falls silent and, when the low sun rays reach between the trees, one can hear the sound of snow falling from the branches. Walking with snowshoes is a simple and spontaneous move allowing one to roam over the snow blanket in and out of the woods, living the magic of winter. Avoiding the lifts, the Dolomites, in winter, gain a special quiet and peaceful atmosphere: snowshoeing, as well as backcountry skiing, are the best way to live the nature. 

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Group and full moon snowshoe
easy - medium 1 day
Challenging snowshoe trips
challanging from 1 day
Snowshoeing basics
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Walking in snowshoes in the Dolomites

Snowshoeing in the snow is an activity for everyone, as simple as walking! The fact that we have snowshoes on our feet means that we don’t sink and can move easily through the soft snow. The tours we propose can be for beginners, medium or demanding, depending on the length and height difference. Snowshoeing can be private or in groups, with packed lunches or in a cosy alpine hut. It can also be undertaken in the evening, after sunset, for an unforgettable moonlit walk.


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