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Few lines to introduce yours IFMGA guide…. certified mountain ski and climbing guides




Chasing rocky and icy dreams, challenging myself vertically. These are just some of the ways I continue to feed the passion. I live my life with unforgettable sunrises, and all of nature’s alpine beauty as my office! My life changed in 1998, I was just a kid when, during a school trip, I saw “the multi-colored helmet of a climber pop up and jump over a viewing platform fence in the South of France…” It was the first time I saw someone summiting a climb, and I’ve been in love with climbing ever since. That was about 20 years ago, but it still feels like yesterday! I obtained a Master’s degree in Functional Genomic and just after that, I decide to become an IFMGA mountain guide. Today I live at the base of the Marmolada, the highest peak in the heart of the Dolomites. I love guiding here, because this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an unlimited variety of outdoor adventures in both winter and summer.

“I love being able to transmit my joy and passion for what I do, to everyone I guide.”




I was born in 1989, hails from Padua in the Veneto region. After dedicating my childhood to ski racing and studying, I focussed my attention to ski-touring and free-ride skiing, finding a real passion that, to date, never ceases to exist. I earned a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, dividing my studies between Padua, Lisbon and Zurich, but soon I realized that my ‘real self’ shone only when in the mountains. So I decided to turn my passion into my work and in 2018 I earned my UIAGM/IFMGA guide certification, becoming a Mountain guide.

“Everyday is a good day in the mountains!”




My first real love was skateboarding and when I was just a child, I used to spend every afternoon riding my skateboard. This skill allowed me to become a snowboard instructor very young and move to Dolomiti in Fassa Valley, where I still live. Not much later, I started dreaming to become a mountain guide… And here I am!
Since I got my IFMGA certification I have committed myself, with all my heart, to share my passions with everyone who’s fancy for mountains and nature. I believe that climbing or ski mountaineering are not only awesome activities but also ways of living one’s life to the fullest: I like to share together with my clients an aesthetic experience, feeling alive using all the senses: standing in this very moment, climbing a rock wall or skiing on untracked mountains covered by snow!
I’m always keen to take part in some skiing and climbing trips in order to experience new cultures and live my passion in different parts of the world: I skied and climbed in Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey discovering wild mountains and enjoying our beautiful planet earth.

Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limit!


I was born in a small village in the heart of the Eastern Dolomites, and ever since my youth, the mountains have been my driving passion. I’m into mountain climbing in all its forms, in both summer and winter, and I work as a full-time IFMGA Mountain Guide. In the past, I worked as a maths teacher and avalanche forecaster.

My passion for climbing the mountains drove me first to explore the Dolomites, and later to take part in various expeditions to the greatest peaks such as in Patagonia, Peru, China and India.

Recently I’ve found my perfect balance among the woods and isolated valleys of Valcellina: among its summits and paths, it’s in fact pretty rare to find another human being if is not your climbing partner. When this happens is somehow a surprising and welcome occurrence. Up here it’s still possible to experience true and wild adventure, in mountains that are still not enslaved to the whims of man.


Born and raised in Bolzano, close to the mountains I love the most: the Dolomites. I started skiing as a three-year-old and went into the mountains as soon as I could walk. When I was 14 years old I was psyched up for climbing, and the dream to become a mountain guide was born. Since then, I dedicate most of my time to climbing, mountaineering and skiing and  I can’t say which branch I prefer: this is the reason why I climbed all the classic north faces ice walls of the Alps as Eiger or Matterhorn north face, as well as the most difficult rocky big walls like El Capitan in US. Exploring new places is actually what most inspires me, so traveling and climbing all over the world, from Patagonia to the peaks in the Maroco desert,  is my life routine. In 2017 I became a Mountain Guide: from that moment on, I am happy to guide my clients in the places I love and transmit the passion for what I could call my life reason: the mountains.

“Exploring new places is what most inspires me”




I was born in 1990 in Udine, a small town at the foot of the Julian Alps. Since I was I child I used to explore mountains by trekking, via ferrata and ski. I practiced alpine ski racing for 15 years. At the age of 20 I started mountaineering and I totally immersed myself on it, expecially on sport climbing and in few years I reached a difficult level of 8b. In a short time I started searching for freedom and emotions throughout the entire Alpine arc, practicing also ski-mountainiring, ice climbing and alpine climbing. My true love are the big limestone walls like Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomites, where I climbed some of the most beautiful routes, like “Via Attraverso il Pesce“, “Specchio di Sara” e “La Cattedrale”. Today my goal is to transmit my experience, my passion and the culture of the mountains as a Mountain Guide.

“My goal is to transmit the culture of the mountains”