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Backcountry ski trips

Backcountry ski trips: daily and hut to hut tours

As soon as snow falls, the Dolomites put on their winter livery: the air gets cold, the screes and low vegetation disappear under the blanket of snow. Little valleys and steep gullies became varied and entertaining ascents and descents. Inside this rocky labyrinth, which is inaccessible only in appearance, the backcountry ski tours can offer infinite possibilities of fun, of all and each difficulty and tastes. 

Single trips

ski mountaineering: challenging
challenging from 1 day
dolomites ski touring intermediate
intermediate from 1 day
guided ski tours
easy from 1 day


The Dolomites ski touring traverse
intermediate 7 days/6 nights All inclusive TOUR
Hut to hut ski touring in Fannes, Sennes park
intermediate 3 days All inclusive TOUR

Ski touring trips in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are not highly thought as ski mountaineering and ski-touring spot, especially if compared with western Alps. Nothing could be more wrong! In fact the dolomite terrain is diverse and offers many changes of slope on short distances. So what you can expect from a ski touring day here, is to start skinning from the grazing land altitude and soon be surrounded by the typical high mountain landscape. Different glimpses are waiting over each of the few different saddle, or gullies we usually have to cross in one day. Moreover thankful to a number of “refugios” open during the winter, is possible to do one of the best winter experience you can think about: the ski-touring traverse. Finally, for the most ambitious and experts, the biggest peaks in the Dolomites, such as Marmolada, Tofana, Pelmo, Antelao are all skiable…

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