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The Wild blue trekking in Sardinia

All inclusive

The Selvaggio blu guided tour offers a special perspective to visit Sardinia

Sardinia is a place like you wouldn’t expect. Selvaggio blu (wild blue) is a trekking in a wild and fascinating land, harsh and gentle, whose true character could be found only if you search in the proper places. The trek we are proposing is this: a route suspended between land and sea, a long trail where the blue of the crystal-clear water, mixes with the green of the woods, which, like terraces overlooking the sea, lead the lucky visitors up and down towards the blue, then up again. In exciting research of the essence of wild Sardinia.

what is

5 days trekking


5+2 days


27 May-2 June*

private tours on request


950 € look “prices”

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Wild blue trekking DAY by DAY

First day: arrival

Arrive at the airport and transfer to Santa Maria Navarrese. Dinner and overnight at B&B.

Second day: S. Maria – Cuile Us’piggius

  • 6-7 hours, 8km, 690 meters positive gap

The day begins with the distribution of packed lunches and the deliver of luggage to the staff, who will be responsible for transferring them along all the stages of the trek. Once out of the hotel, the trek begins: initially the path is comfortable and flat, passing under the Pedralonga needle and climbing up the spectacular ledge that characterises the south face of Punta Giradili. Here we have to put on our harness to climb up the Iscala Sos Oggiastros, which allows us to reach the summit of Punta Giradilli. All that remains now, is to cross the plateau at an altitude of 700 metres until we reach our first bivouac: Cuile Su Idileddu.


Third day: Cuile Su Idileddu – Portu Cuau 

  • 6-7 hours, 7km, 210 meters positive gap

Today we initially start walking surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis, passing by the slopes of Mount Ginnirco before arriving at some juniper trees overlooking the sea at Bacu Tenadili. When we reach the Portu Pedrosu bayy, we take a refreshing swim before continuing on to Porto Quau. Here, having found our luggage, which has arrived by dinghy, we will set up our second bivouac and taste the delicacies cooked by the staff.

Forth da: Portu Cuau – Cala Goloritzé – plateau S’Arcu e Su Tasaru

  • 9 hours, 9km, 1000 meters positive gap

Today we have a long and fascinating stage ahead of us: not without a certain deal in finding our way around, we cross the plateau overlooking the sea which leads to Punta Iltiera; from here we take the Bacu Sonnuli, whose suspended path will take our breath away. We then reach Punta Salinas, which offers a privileged view of Cala Goloritzè. We will now deal a long descent along ancient charcoal burners’ tracks until we reach Cala Goloritzè and its famous needle of the same name. We start to climb again, tackling one of the most difficult section of the trek, the boladina. Finally, we continue more easily to the plateau of S’Arcu e Su Tasaru, where a bivouac is set up and a typical dinner awaits us.

Fifth day: S’Arcu e Su Tasaru – Ololbizzi

  • 8 hours, 7km, 600 meters positive gap

After crossing the Lattone ridge, we arrive at Punta Mudaloru, where we are greeted by an amazing view. After starting the descent, we meet the first abseil. after this we tackle the famous cat pass, so we can get to Bacu Mudaloru. Here we refresh ourselves with a well-deserved dip in the sea before setting off again and tackling some delicate passages on juniper ladders. We arrive at the top of a rock arch that is nothing more than the vault of the Grotta del Fico, which, with a couple of extra hours, we can even think about reaching. A last abseil at Bacu Filau and an ascent lead us to the Ololbizzi plateau. Finally the well-deserved dinner and bivouac.

Sixt day: Ololbizzi – Cala Sisine

  • 7 hours, 6km, 600 meters positive gap

Today is the last day of our visit of Sardinia. After breakfast and the distribution of the packed lunch, we hand our luggage over to the staff for the last time; in fact today is awaiting us the last stage of this incredible trek. A mule track takes us to Cuile piddi, from here a secret passage first and then an absail lead us to Sa Nurca. We now walk along high walls through the Briola and Oronnoro woods until we come to the cliffs protecting the access to cala Sisine. Here an intricate system of ledges, narrow exposed passages and an absail leads us to the exit at the beautiful Cala Sisine. Now all that remains is a liberating swim and a dinghy ride back to Santa Maria Navarrese, where we will stay in the same B&B as the first day.

Seventh day: end of the wild trekking in Sardinia

Breakfast and journey home.


  • duffel bag for transfer
  • 30l trekking backpack
  • sleeping bag and air mattress
  • harness and via ferrata kit (ask us if you don’t have one)
  • headlamp
  • trekking shoes
  • flip-flops
  • 3-4 spare parts
  • swimsuit
  • long and short trousers
  • light sweatshirt
  • light down jacket for the evening
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • hair, sun cream, sunglasses
  • anti-mosquito spray
  • small towel and bath kit


  • italian breakfast
  • packed lunch: sandwiches, fruit
  • dinners:

dinner 1°camp: (Spezzatino with potatoes, Fiscidu, Mushroom on oil, fruit, dessert, bread, water, wine, digestif and coffee)
dinner 2°camp: (Lasagne, Ham, vegetables on oil, cheese vaccino, frutta, fruit, dessert, bread, water, wine, digestif and coffee)
dinner 3°camp: (Culurgiones, roast pork, side dish, fruit, sheep cheese, dessert, bread, water, wine, digestif and coffee)
dinner 4°camp: (octopus salad with potatoes, aubergine in the oven, sheep cheese, fruit, dessert, bread, water, wine, digestif and coffee)



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