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Our Project

It is precisely when faced by these mountains that a spark ignites. Great comes the climbing desire when sitting under a rocky cliff or in front of a snow-capped peak, our dreams reach higher and higher, until the top.





Freewheeling Dolomites” mountain guides are, first and foremost, obsessed with mountains and taken over by the climbing bug. Our UIAGM/IFMGA certification guarantees reliability, however our distinguished trait is the enthusiasm we put in our jobs. We like to couple mountaineering with play, however it’s not just with passion, but also with competence and experience that we can turn an ascent into a thoroughly joyful endeavour without any risk or iconvenience. Our job is to make the most of every bit of experience we carry, allowing to discover together the pleasures of that exciting practice which is mountaineering. When you write to us, don’t expect a secretary to answer you: we believe that the better way for you to get the best customised plan, is to talk with your assigned guide from the start

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Freewheeling Dolomites starts in 2016. This project main aim is to spread the Dolomites history, beauty and experience to even more people.

Our ambition is to provide an even more customised service, tailored around the specific customer’s need and wishes.

Our main activities are: climbing, mountaineering routes, via ferrata, trekking, ski-touring, free ride, ice climbing, customised programmes and suggestions.

We always carefully select our activity locations in order to take advantage of the best conditions available. We often suggest off- the-beaten-track routes to provide a much more intense and original experience.




Living the Dolomites through experience

“Mountains are for everyone, not just mountaineers: for those who seek relax in the peace and quiet and for those who seek an even stronger relax after the effort”. Guido Rey

Each one of those who get out in the mountains do so due to some pretty personal reasons. Our job is to take and guide anyone in their quest, from the beginner to the very experienced. We try to get what their needs and desires are and we try to inspire them.

In summary: safety, professionalism, empathy, feeling and sharing the passion are the 4 main ingredients of our mountain guide jobs.





The UIAGM/IFMGA certification guarantees a very high standard of our mountain guides. Being admitted to the 4-year course requires some practical exams and a thorough examination of each candidate’s mountaineering logbook. Besides the international certification symbol you will see the one belonging to the local area committee: Südtirol-Alto Adige-South Tyrol. This very particular committee can count on a smaller and selected group of apprentice mountain guides and a mountaineering history spanning more than a century. This guarantees some of the world’s highest standards.

Besides, we have strengthened our foundations with some in-depth knowledge of nivology, meteorology, equipment and standards in safety manoeuvres.




all-round service

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. Choosing a mountaineering guide could mean trusting some unknown person just on the basis of the UIAGM certification and its guarantee. For us, this isn’t enough. This is why we believe we establish trust early on from the first contact. Helping a client on things such as outdoor wear, equipment, logistics and being happy to clarify any possible question is the best start to any satisfying outdoor adventure. These professional principles are the foundation of Freewheeling Dolomites.

EMPATHY. This isn’t something easily learnt. However, it is of utmost important for a mountain guide. Sometimes, a client struggling on a crux move might not just need a tight, secure rope but also a little push and many encouragements. Some other times, it’s best to keep quiet and let them concentrate in silence.

Indeed, people’s reactions and behaviours are very diverse. We try to get onto the wavelength of each. It is the best way to get the skill, courage and energy out of them.





Hi Faber,

 We would like to thank you for the extraordinary week that you organized for us in the Italian Dolomites. This was our best trip ever and we are traveling a lot. You instructed us how to climb these beautiful mountains in many different conditions including high rocks, thick tracks and the snow and ice challenging climbing with all the equipment to the top of the Marmolada. We like your patience and responsibility and we made you one of our family for future trips.


Just wanted to say a big thank you for being our guide on Vael de Rosa recently.  We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Dolomites!


 We asked for adventure.. And that’s what we got! Fabrizio took us to the Dolomites to climb the towers that appeared in the Cliffhanger movie. 

Fabrizio is a fun and friendly guide. He speaks English very well and communicates directions clearly. He also laughed at our bad Australian jokes.

Fabrizio has been climbing since he was 16 years old. He has a lot of experience including traditional climbing. He checked we were safe at each anchor point all the way up the multipitch climb and made sure we didn’t do anything outside of our ability.

We will definitely contact him if we are in the Dolomites area again.

Thanks for an epic day!


Sarah, Hanalie and Jarrah

Hi Fabrizio,

Thank you for this and for excellent service. Our guests were very happy with your guiding!

Hope the rest of the season goes well for you and that we will have some more snow soon!

Best wishes