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Guided ski tours for beginners

When the mountain is dressed in white and enveloped in fascinating silence and breathtaking views, the best way to enter this paradise is to push your skis, at a slow and rhythmic pace, on the white mantle. The ascent flows pleasantly, letting yourself be carried away by the power of the views that follow one another; leaving the line of your curves on the descent is the icing on the cake. This page presents proposals for “easy” backcountry ski in the Dolomites. What characterises these itineraries are height differences of no more than 900 metres and moderate technical difficulties, both uphill and downhill. Our aim, therefore, is to accompany you on these trips and ensure that you have fun discovering breathtaking views and descents on good snow without the anxiety of exposure.

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Guided ski tours “easy”


vertical gap < 900 meters

Level: Fit 1-2/ Tech: 1-2



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A list of "easy" tours.

PASSO SAN PELLEGRINO – FALCADE: easy ski touring across the Dolomites

LASTE PICOL (2697 metres) – POZZA DI FASSA (traverse)

The ascent is along the sunny slopes of the south side of the S. Pellegrino pass. We easily climb up to the Selle pass, from here a slightly steeper and more challenging slope takes us to this sharp peak. From here we can descend to the opposite side, where a long and exciting descent takes us to Pozza di Fassa. We then return to the pass by public transport.


GAP: ascent 600-750 metres, descent 1300 metres.

VALLES PASS – VAL DI FIEMME: guided tour in a peaceful place

CIMA IURIBRUTTO (2697 metres)

Beautiful and panoramic excursion, accessible all winter long, its easy slopes are particularly suitable for beginners but also for days when the snowpack is unstable.


GAP: ascent and descent 760 metres.

GIAU PASS – SELVA DI CADORE: being like on the moon

MONDEVAL (2455 metres)

An excursion of exceptional scenic interest: after leaving the car behind, we take a few steps into an almost lunar environment, where the white rarely leaves room to the emergence of giant grey boulders. The summit offers us a priceless spectacle. The wide descent slope, facing north, almost always has excellent snow.


GAP: ascent and descent 700 metres.

SASSOLUNGO – VAL GARDENA: a wild corner of the Dolomites


This itinerary combines a short but rather technical climb with a very long descent in an exceptional environment. In fact, once we reach the Demez refuge, from the Sella pass, we find ourselves in the heart of the Sassolungo group, surrounded by immense and gloomy walls which, as well as making the environment so special, also preserve excellent quality snow. The return journey takes place from Santa Cristina using the ski lifts.


GAP: ascent 350 metres, descent 900 metres.

ARABBA, LIVINALLONGO: ski trip starting from a medieval castle

MONTE SIEF (2424 metres).

Even the starting point of this excursion projects us into a fantastic world: an ancient medieval castle stands out beyond the peaks of the fir trees that surround and protect it. In a short time, we leave the edge of the forest and ascend what in summer are alpine pastures and in winter are slopes with an optimal inclination. The final ridge also offers beautiful views and intense emotions.


GAP: ascent and descent 650 metres.

VAL BADIA – COLFOSCO: backcountry ski in the Puez-Odle park

COL DE LA SONNE’ (2633 metres).

This short and easy excursion allows us to explore the Puez-Odle plateau: once up here we will realise the vastness of this place, so different from the steep walls that are usually above us but today are below! The Col de la Sonnè is then a beautiful pyramid that invites us to climb it.


GAP: Ascent and descent 700 metres.

MARMOLADA – SOTTOGUDA: the queen of the Dolomites


This beautiful and isolated peak is a typically winter excursion. Gentle slopes take us up to Forcella Pianezze, from which the final shovel stands out with its southern exposure, offering us snow that is usually firm. The beautiful final ridge also gives us intense emotions.


GAP: ascent and descent 950 metres.

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