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Off piste skiing courses

Off-piste skiing courses in the Dolomites: backcountry basic and advanced course

Backcountry ski-touring allows us to move around the mountains in its most solitary and perhaps most fascinating guise: winter. Far from the crowds and noise, immersed in the whiteness of an immaculate nature, we earn, metre after metre, the fun of the descent that awaits us. These courses, with its very practical and direct approach, aims to teach you the secrets of ski-touring in the field: the aim is to make you independent in the practice of this wonderful discipline. This is an opportunity to learn how to move around safely on skis, the course is spread in two:

  • backcountry ski basic course

  • backcountry ski advanced course

required level

base: fit 1-2/ tech 1

advanced: fit 2-3/ tech 2-3

number of partecipants

5-7 people


4 days basic

2 days advanced


Eastern Dolomites

for whome
customised plan
ski-touring basic course

Backcountry skiing basic

The course is aimed at all skiers who are already comfortable on black slopes but have little or no experience of ski touring. Ideally planned for 6 days, it has been divided into two modules, the first of 4 days and the second of 2. During the basic course we will provide a solid technical basis of ascent and descent, practical concepts of snow and avalanches, orientation and practice of ARTVA search.

day 1:

  • equipment analysis: skis, poles, skins, boots, bindings, clothing, backpack, how to choose our equipment and the right compromise between lightness and performance.
  • Fundamentals of ascent and descent technique.
  • ARTVA search.

day 2: GROUP TRIP, height difference 600 metres.

  • inversion
  • uphill track
  • hints on snowpack assessment

day 3:  altitude difference 700 metres max.

  • The choice of the uphill track, between comfort and safety.
  • Snow and avalanches, reading of bulletins and analysis in the field.
  • Safe management of the descent.

Day 4:  altitude difference 700 metres max.

  • ARTVA search tests.
  • Planning of the trip, map reading and orientation in the field.
  • Focus on descent technique and adaptation to the type of snow.


backcountry skiing advanced

Backcountry skiing advanced

The course is aimed at all those who have already taken the basic course or have 7-10 ski-touring trips behind them. In fact, in this module we will take the concepts of snow and avalanches covered in the previous course and expand on them; we will also introduce the techniques of ascent and descent on steeper terrain.

Day 1: altitude difference 700-800 metres.

  • ARTVA research.
  • Airbag and avalung backpacks.
  • Advanced ascent techniques: on frozen ground and very powdery snow.
  • Advanced descent techniques: jumped turn, free-ride turn.
  • abseiling.

Day 2: altitude difference 1200-1400 metres.

  • Long ascent: conserving energy, managing a long ascent.
  • Summary of topics covered in the course
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