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Free Wheeling Dolomites

Certificated ski and rock climbing guides:

Living the mountains means also
reaching for the challenge,
feeling its adrenaline,
sensing a summit’s stillness,
finally resting after the struggle,
Discover the Dolomites with us!

supporting peace


Our Project
who we are: few steps from Fitz Roy summit

Our Project

It is precisely when faced by these mountains that a spark ignites. Great comes the climbing desire when sitting under a rocky cliff or in front of a snow-capped peak, our dreams reach higher and higher, until the top.

Customised tours
Via ferrata, Federspiel, Fassa Valley, customised tours, Dolomites

Customised tours

FreeDolomites organise daily activities as well as customised hut to hut tours from 2 days to 1 full week. Write to us with your ideas and requirements. We’ll chat together about a customised plan for your tour, that best fits your desires and needs. Read more

guided-outdoor-activities: how it works

book your outdoor activity in 3 simple steps...

Get inspired by our suggestions, browse through the pictures and look for something that makes you want to get out there in the mountains.
Check out our rates. On the pricing page you will find detailed information on the cost of customised plans cost and the services they include. Have a look at our offers!
Get in touch filling our form. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, just give us time to get our boots or climbing shoes off!
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make a gift: the dolomite guided experiences

Climbing, summiting a peak, skiing down a slope on fresh snow or tackling a via ferrata: these amazing memories are truly unbreakable gifts, which last forever. Read more

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