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Customised climbing tour: a 360 degree view

All inclusive

During the customised climbing tour you will visit many different places:

the Dolomites region is pretty wide: this suggestion is about experiencing several of the valleys. By staying somewhere conveniently central, you could easily get to the best of each area with little daily travel time! The division between eastern and western Dolomites was first introduced by writer Antonio Berti in his masterpiece “A guide to the Italian mountains”. The division between these two sides is summarily given by the Cordevole river and the valley carrying its name. Indeed, the Cordevole valley does really feel like the Dolomites central nerve, shadowed by Marmolada‘s and Civetta‘s great faces. Within about half an hour by car from here, it is possible to reach the main Dolomites massifs, for example the Sella massif, the Dolomites in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Catinaccio massif, Vallaccia, Marmarole and the Agordo peaks, besides Marmolada, Civetta and Pelmo, whose peaks this valley representes the ideal base for. Here the alpine settlements of Sottoguda, Laste, Malga Ciapela and Alleghe can be found: by choosing to stay in one of these picturesque villages, each day we could choose a different destination and enjoy our customised climbing among changing and still breathtaking landscapes.


climbing in many valleys


from beginner to expert

activity type

Alpine climb



customised programme

see below

DAY by DAY, an example


you arrange your own transport to Val Pettorina (by taxi or public transport). Sottoguda is renowned as one of Italy’s most picturesque villages. Sottoguda or nearby villages will be the base for the daily excursions.
Accommodation in 3-star hotel, or higher upon request.


TORRI DEL SELLA: in 45 minutes by car, we will reach Passo Sella and its most famous rock faces: Torri del Sella (Sella Towers). An easy 20 minute hike takes us to one of the many routes available.

Camini route direct, first tower, grade IV: a great classic that takes us right on top of the first tower.
Kostner dihedral, second tower, grade IV: interesting dihedral, this could be an add-on to the first tower route.
Messner route, second tower, grade V+: here, on the north face, Reinhold Messner has achieved one of its masterpieces.

These are only a few examples of the routes getting us acquainted to the typical Dolomite-style climbs.


MOIAZZA: in 40 minutes by car we can get to another pass, one a little more secluded than yesterday’s. Passo Duran offers a variety of routes, many of especially great quality. Today, getting to the route start will be a short hike as well.

Decima route, Pala delle Masenade, grade V+: steeply follows a black line carved by the water flowing, thus gifting us with some enjoyable and entertaining climbing.
Topo route, Torre Jolanda, grade IV+: an exceptionally beautiful tower’s summit, following some excellent rock.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


GIAU PASS: in half an hour we will reach fascinating Giau Pass. The imposing Lastoi di Formin’s west face will immediately catch our attention. Why not have a go?

Paolo Amedeo route, Torrione Marcella, grade V+: nice climb alternating cracks, slabs and dihedrals.
South-west face, Monte Gusela, grade IV+: a classic leading us on top of pretty Gusela (a.k.a. “The needle”)
Big Dihedral, Lastoi di Formin, VI: a route plowing through the great ramparts to the west of Lastoi di Formin.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


CIVETTA MASSIF: a few minutes by car from the hotel will take us to the start of the hike leading to the Coldai mountain hut in about an hour. Here we will have a nice coffee break before getting onto our feet again towards the Alleghe and val Grande tower.

Bellenzier route, val Grande tower, grade VI+: a climb commonly defined as “wonderful”. It follows a crack cutting through the huge smooth slab on the val Grande tower’s east face
Pierazzo route, Alleghe tower IV: a pleasant climb on great quality rock.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


CATINACCIO: after 40 minutes by car we will enter the Fassa valley, where many spires and faces are waiting for us. Up towards the Gardeccia group, the choice is ours.

Preuss route, Delago tower, Torri del Vajolet, grade IV: one of the Dolomites’ most impressive route; the fact such a daring route is ultimately of only moderate difficulty will leave us extremely surprised
Rizzi route, Roda di Vael, grade IV+: classic route of consistent grade.
Passeggiata sui Neri route, Cima Catinaccio, grade VI-: a sustained route on marvellous black slabs.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


MARMOLADA: the immensity of Marmolada towers high above our hotel, how can we miss the chance to handle its perfect rock?

The world imprisoned by Materialism” route, Col di Bousc, grade VI+: a splendid, sustained climb on pretty much perfect limestone.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


FALZAREGO PASS: 40 minutes by car will take us to the well-known Falzarego pass. Here many many routes of excellent rock and short approaches are waiting for us.

Sass de Stria edge, Sass de Stria, IV: a pleasant exposed edge
Dibona route, Falzarego great tower, grade V+: the ultimate classic in this group
Orizzonti di Gloria route, Lagazuoi VI+: a relatively new route, offers some very pleasant climbing.

Possibility to finish the tour or…


SOUTH CIVETTA: we’ll go back to our ‘home’ mountain, but on its opposite side. To end with a bang, let’s make it a bit special: we will tackle the long 2-hour approach on an e-bike, thus reducing the effort to a mere 20 minutes to get to the base of the cliff.

Venezia tower, Andrich route, grade V+: a sustained climb on amazing rock reaches on of the Dolomites’ greatest tower tops.

DAY 9: end of our customised climbing trip

LAST DAY and getting home. The last night we cool down having a super tasting traditional dinner, and a sauna. Now it’s time to fly out or keep going with the trip…why not?


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