FreeWheeling Dolomites
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White majesties, ski touring through Dolomite big walls

Ski touring though bigwalls

“A man on foot, on horseback, or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.”
Edward Abbey probably didn’t visit the Dolomites, otherwise, he would’ve written “on foot, on horseback, or on skis.”
In this captivating photo gallery, we invite you to glide across the unique Dolomite big walls on skis.
The receipe is the same as always: follow us on an unforgettable journey of ski touring through these majestic landscapes, where adventure meets breathtaking beauty.

Exploring Dolomite’s Backcountry on Skis

The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer a paradise for those seeking the thrill of backcountry skiing amidst stunning natural surroundings. From the iconic Lagazuoi and Piz Boè to the awe-inspiring Marmolada, these peaks beckon adventurers to discover their secrets while gliding on skis.

Backcountry Skiing: A Dance with Nature

Backcountry skiing is more than a sport; it’s a dance with nature. As you ascend the slopes, each step carved into the snow, you become part of the environment. Away from the bustling ski resorts, you’re immersed in tranquility, surrounded by the raw beauty of untouched snowfields and towering cliffs.

Multi Day Ski Touring: A journey of endurance and passion

For the avid adventurer, multi-day ski touring offers an unparalleled experience. Traverse the Dolomite’s valleys, spending nights in authentic mountain huts, taking the rhythm of the nature.

Legendary Peaks Beckon

Three regions, 9 mountain groups, the largest ski area in the world. It’s a winter wonderland by itself, then if you add that all the bigger peaks are skiable, it becomes irresistible not coming here.  Marmolada, Tofana, Pelmo, Antelao are just waiting in their white dresses.

Marmolada: ski mountanereering for all levels

Marmolada, often referred to as the “Queen of the Dolomites,” from Malga Ciapela (1,450m), you have to take three cable cars to get all the way to the top of Marmolada, Punta Rocca (3,265m). With the highest summit in the dolomites is a captivating challenge for ski mountaineers. As you ascend, the enormity of the glacier and the towering rock walls remind you of nature’s power. But this mountain is quite inclusive, offering options for all. The Queen is skiable even by beginners, with variations, of course, in routes and minimum technique need but its beauty remains unmatched. She the Queen and she is all to be admired

Ski mountaineering: professional guided tours or self-guided?

As soon as you know what you want to do, what you can do and how to do it safely, ski mountaineering is always time well spent. Hiring a professional to guide you on a customized adventure in the Dolomites will ensure you get the most experience. We are highly qualified to understand your skills and push them a little further, just enough to activate the adrenaline and make the experience memorable. In addition, we are Local Guides and part of our mission is to share our knowledge of the area with you, believe us…these valleys are rich in history, legends, stories, different cultures and curiosities that might leave you speechless.

But you know, we are not mountain guides because it is a “good job,” we are driven by passion and we know the good tension as we organize the first outings. it is this passion that we like to cultivate in you. Planning the route, waiting for the right conditions, discussing with friends about the possibilities…. We have learned that with knowledge and technique we are free to explore, which is why we strongly recommend taking an off-piste skiing course. before venturing out alone on snowy slopes.

Conclusion: A Journey Worth Taking

Ski touring through the Dolomite big walls isn’t just about reaching summits; it’s about experiencing the landscapes, forging connections with fellow adventurers, and discovering the beauty that exists beyond the beaten path.

For those interested in exploring the Dolomites with us, please check out our customized tours. You can also read the reviews of our clients.