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WW1 traverse: a hut to hut tour

All inclusive

the ww1 traverse is a hut to hut tour

During this six-days tour, we will tackle the medium difficulty via ferrata in the Cortina d’Ampezzo area, which were, over 100 years ago, the scene of epic battles at high altitude between the two Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies. In addition to having fun on these perfectly equipped itineraries, we will be able to closely observe trenches, galleries, firing stations that today form an authentic open-air museum, at high altitude!

“A cannon is hoisted by our (soldiers) almost to the top of Cima Grande di Lavaredo and to the top of Mount Popera: the cannon that – shot from the stars -. The fight was among the rocks of the Tofane, the Cristallo, the Paterno, the Croda Rossa di Sesto. The resistance to weather and frost was accomplished to a very high level which would have seemed inconceivable before; during the two coldest winters of the last sixty years, living and operating for months and months on the supreme heights of the Tofane, the Cristallo, the Cima Undici , the Croda Rossa di Sesto … ” from the Eastern Dolomites Vol. 1, Antonio Berti



groups of friends



Via Ferrata tour, hut to hut trip



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modular programme

from 2 to 6 days


All-inclusive deal

WW1 hut to hut tour

The 6-day program illustrated below is an example: based on your availability we will agree on a personalized program, from 2 to 6 or more days.


Autonomous arrival (private transfer on request) at Falzarego pass and hotel location. A few kilometers below the Falzarego pass is settle Andrax Castle, a very small village surrounded by the forest, famous for its ancient medieval castle perched on a dominant rock.

Accommodation in hotel.


DAY 1: the hut to hut trip starts

Ferrata Fusetti at Sass de Stria: from last night hotel we straight start our trek which initially winds through fir trees and a rich undergrowth, but soon leads us to reach the mountain pastures from which we begin to glimpse the spectacular scenery of the Dolomite peaks. After about two hours of trekking, we reach the first rocks of the south face of Sass de Stria and we get ready to face the first via ferrata of our tour, the one dedicated to Lieutenant Mario Fusetti, who died during the First World War, right on this mountain. Once the fun ferrata is over, all that remains is to continue among the ancient trenches to the top. Finally we go down to the Valparola refuge, which offers us, in addition to a superb view over the whole Val Badia, also an excellent dinner!

Time: 2h30 trekking, 1h30 via ferrata, 1h return.


DAY 2: a unique experience of the ww1 traverse

Piccolo Lagazuoi tunnel: from the Val Parola refuge we start and after about 20 minutes of walking we get at the base of Piccolo Lagazuoi. A steep path climbs up a scree. Soon we realize that we are actually crossing a tangle of old trenches: here, as perhaps in no other mountain, the war of position has reached its peak. And in fact holes and trenches follow one another as we climb to the top. Once reached the summit, not only an incredible panorama awaits us, but also a good refreshment at the Lagazuoi refuge. At this point, wearing the head-lamps, we begin the descent through an endless tunnel that was built by Italian soldiers in the bowels of the mountain and finally used for the explosion of a huge mine that would have changed the shape of the entire mountain forever. Once out of the tunnel we just have to reach the beautiful Col Gallina refuge where we will spend the night.

Time: 3h ascent, 2 hours descent.


DAY 3: a medium difficulty via ferrata

Ferrata degli Alpini, Col dei Boss: (here the video) from Col Gallina refuge in about 40 minutes we’ll reach an area of ​​ruins with large buildings: it is the Italian military hospital built in 1916 surrounded by high walls, sheltered from enemy fire. Although the complex of buildings has fallen into disrepair, the contrast between the size of the buildings and the severe alpine environment around, is certainly capable of dismay in the observer. Right here begins a long rocky ridge which in about 3 hours of fun climbing will take us to the top of Col dei Boss. From this summit we begin a trek along a barren and spectacular plateau which is also the scene of an absurd war of position, then starting to descend in altitude, until we reach the Dibona refuge, right at the foot of the Tofana di Rozes. For the more trained it is also possible to take a detour of the traverse ww1 tour to visit the Castelletto peak and its galleries.

Time: 40 minutes approach, 3 h ferrata, 2h30 trekking.


DAY 4: in the heart of the Dolomites

Ferrata di punta Anna: today the most athletic ferrata of our tour awaits us: the ferrata runs along a sharp ridge which develops all over the south-est corner of Tofana di Mezzo. The main features of this itinerary are a short approach, a fun athletic climbing and a constant exposure. While presenting several challenging steps, the global effort is still to be considered of medium difficulty. The descent is then made quick and fun by the presence of a long scree that allows us to “ski” on its soft bed of small stones, until we reach the Giussani refuge. This refuge stands on a barren stony ground, nestled between high walls and is located exactly on what was the first line of fighting. And it is precisely here that a plaque commemorates the fall of General Cantore.

Time: 40 minutes approach, 3h, 30 via ferrata, 1h descent.


DAY 5: the most peculiar way

Ferrata Lipella: today’s program is a bit special, in fact we will walk the long ferrata Lipella in the opposite direction: instead of climbing up the east face of the Tofana di Rozes, we will climb  down. After breakfast in the refuge we begin to walk the comfortable path that leads us to the beginning (end) of the ferrata. In the silence of the early morning, observing the war finds at almost 3000 meters above sea level, we can perhaps understand a little better what it meant for a soldier to find himself here, immersed in the same silence, perhaps in winter. We now begin the long and exciting Via Ferrata that will take us, among ledges and ladders, to the base of the peak, reaching the Dibona refuge, which had hosted us two days before. But today, taking advantage of a chair lift ride, we go to sleep in the famous Scoiattoli refuge, for a truly memorable last evening of our tour.

Time: 30 minutes approach, 4h30 via ferrata


DAY 6: end of traverse WW1

Ferrata Averau: after a hearty breakfast at the Averau refuge, it begins what will be the worthy conclusion of the traverse ww1 tour; today the program is a bit softer, in fact it is the last day and the tour has been demanding so far but also because today we want to take a nice walk in the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo and why not, some shopping. So in 30 minutes we reach the start of the Averau via ferrata, the via ferrata is short but globally the ascent to the top is very satisfying. After the ritual photos of the summit we begin a nice downhill trek that will take us back slowly to the Falzarego pass, the point from which we started on the first day. As we said, the week ends in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the town, so called “pearl of the Dolomites“, offers nice shops and a well-deserved aperitif. Finally, tonight, you will sleep in a nice hotel with all the comforts.

Time: 30 minutes approach, 2h via ferrata, 1h30 descent.