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via ferrata holidays for family in the Dolomites

All inclusive

Best solution for perfect Via ferrata holidays in the Dolomites, which fits perfectly for the whole family!


Climbing is one of those sports which little ones can get into very easily. Lightness and flexibility turns it into a breeze. More often than not, it’s the parents having to keep up with their kids in an interesting role-reversal for the entire’s family enjoyment. This suggestion is about mountain climbing adventures and it’s aimed towards families or group of friends, wishing to spend an unforgettable week packed with outdoor sports and discoveries.

Discover enchanting places that are usually challenging to reach without climbing equipment. Go cycling and explore picturesque alpine farms where you can sample delicious local produce. Engage in via ferrata climbs and conquer narrow gullies while safely traversing them with the help of ropes and harnesses—an activity known as canyoning.

These are some of the recurring themes of your holiday. It goes without saying: everything in total safety.



groups of friends


Outdoor family holidays
Via Ferrata, Climbing, Cannyoning, e-bike..


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Between April and November

DAY by DAY, an example

This suggestion is meant to fit an active family profile, interested in mountain adventures and being active, tackling their first climbing routes.

Outdoor week, arrival in the Dolomites:

own transport arranged to Val Pettorina and check-in to the hotel. Sottoguda is renowned as one of Italy’s most picturesque villages. Sottoguda or nearby villages will be the base for the daily excursions.
Accommodation in 3-star hotel or higher upon request.

DAY 1: rock climbing and hut staying

we’ll get on with a cracking start, going for rock climbing! A few hairpin turns will get us on top of Fedaia pass and its lovely alpine lake. We’ll get onto our feet and, after a few minutes, we’ll start to notice weird stone walls and tunnels. These are some of the few remains of the war fought among these mountains between 1916 and 1917. This week we will come across many more. After a 15 minute hike we’ll get to the base of a cool rock face, perfect for our first climbing moves!
After about 3 hours and a few grazes on our skin it’s time to get some lunch. We’ll tackle 1 hour walking up to Pian dei Fiacconi mountain hut, on the northern slopes of Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomites. Here we will taste the good traditional food and have a good sleep in the special atmosphere of a mountain hut.  we’ll walk across the moraine up to the start of Marmolada glacier. We’ll be surprised at how this charm of nature is actually very much like a fragile living being.

DAY 2: a walk on the glacier

Have you ever tried to walk on a glacier? Today we will put the crampons on and tied the rope between us in order to try this amazing experience! Marmolada glacier is in fact a perfect terrain for your first glacier experience: after 1 hour walk, we will get to the Marmolada lift intermediate station. Here we can get a well deserved coffee break; after that the day is not finished yet. Nearby the station there’s an open air museum which allow us to visit the original WW1 soldiers’ barracks, trencees and tunnels: it’s hard to believe that people were leaving up there in such harsh contitions.

DAY 3: WW1 tunnels

We’ll carry on with more rock practice in a fabulous place: the walls we are going to try are right in the middle of an alpine wood, a stone’s throw from an imposing 1000 year old medieval castle built on a rocky buttress. Andrax castle was indeed built along the iron’s route, the metal being extracted from the nearby mine. A little tired from the morning climb, we’ll stop for lunch by “La Baita”, a charming little restaurant.
In the afternoon we’ll get on top of Falzarego pass to visit and cross a long hidden tunnel, dug by the Austrian soldiers during the First World War.

Possibility to finish the tour or…

DAY 4: e-bikes

we are in for a change and we’ll get onto two wheels. We will hire some e-bikes, making the steepest hill an effortless endeavour thanks to their electric power, and head for Malga Laste alpine farm. Once on the forest track, we’ll stop for a moment for a few special hours. Hidden in the woods are some rocky pillars, the perfect place to try abseiling into the void. After a few hours we’ll get back onto the e-bikes up to Malga Laste. After going through the old pastures we’ll finally enjoy some lunch, tasting some locally produced cheese and cured meats. We’ll leave digesting that for the enjoyable and amusing descent.

Possibility to finish the tour or…

DAY 5: cannyoning

for this week’s last day in the Dolomites, our plan involves something special. Have you ever had a go at Canyoning? This practice involves getting into an alpine river’s steep narrow sides and descending it, as if we were one of those water drops. Its essence and fun are given by the abseils on rope and the splashes into the blue waters.

 End of the tour or…keep going!!

DAY 6: easy-medium via ferrata

today’s plan involves a Via Ferrata. Such a route is essentially climbing aided by a metal rope that not only provides for safety, as we attach our harnesses to it, but is also a great help that aids our progression. Via Ferratas in the Dolomites are generally a fairly long route taking up the entire day. Today’s choice is along a sharp rocky ridge, a great viewpoint on Marmolada’s glacier.

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DAY 7: multipitch climbing

if you had fun yesterday, today the game will get even more exciting. After a few kilometres we will arrive by Giau pass, where we will have a go at our first multi-pitch climb. Not just those 20 metres we tried at the start, but a good 150! No worries, we’ll make it. And once on top the feeling will be great!

Possibility to finish the tour or…

DAY 8: your choice

you’ll choose today’s plan. After having had a go at a via Ferrata and a multi-pitch climb, you’ll choose to carry on with one of these two kinds depending on which one got you the most excited and would like to attempt again. It goes without saying this will involve visiting yet another grand corner of our Dolomites.

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