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Via Ferrata for beginners

Happy to guide you on your first Via Ferrata

In this page we would introduce some examples of low-difficulty itineraries. Therefore via ferrata suitable for beginners without specific mountain experience, who want to look out onto this fantastic world. The via ferrata in the Dolomites almost never starts directly from the car-park, but usually involves sections of hike. So in addition to the technical difficulty of climbing, the factors that must be taken into account are the total vertical gap of the tour and the exposure to the void. In these suggestions, you will therefore find a low overall difficulty even if the thrill of the exposure is still guaranteed!


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a list of easy Via Ferrata


This beautiful peak looks over Gardena pass; on clear days it’s possible to see its summit cross even from the ski-slopes during the winter. In the Summer, we start walking across the alpine meadows trough the path which reaches a narrow gorge. From here the terrain becomes rocky, until it reaches the ferrata cable. The via ferrata takes advantage of the natural ledges to bring us to enjoy the splendid view of the summit.

time: 1 h approach, 2.30 h via ferrata, 1 h return.


VAL ZOLDANA, Intra i sas.

This circular route begins on a beautiful path in the woods that climbs up to the cable of the ferrata. The short but fun via ferrata overpass a rocky bastion, by some very exposed ledges. Once the via ferrata is over, we return to the wood.  Shortly this opens into a large meadow, where the beautiful alpine refuge Sora i Sass stands. After a good alpine lunch we are ready to leave along the return path and then back to the valley.

Time: 5 hours total of which 1h via ferrata.



This very short via ferrata is located in a magical place: an enchanted forest of pines and larches surrounds towers of high rocks. At the top of the highest of these, there is a hanging garden. A bivouac called “Pian delle Stelle bivouac” is hidden among the pines. This secret paradise is reached by the Laste via ferrata.

Time: 2h30 including 30 min via ferrata.


CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, Fanes waterfalls.

The Fanes waterfalls are an unmissable show: the circular route starts right behind one of these waterfalls, thanks to a narrow passage in-between the rocks. The path continues then with cables and ladders nearby the water. After a section of walking at the streamside, a second ferrata ring awaits us. The activity can be combined with the e-bike, thus giving us an unforgettable day.

time: 1h15 approach, 2.30 h waterfalls, 1.20 return.



This via ferrata was built in 2018 and dedicated to lieutenant Mario Fusetti, who died during the First World War, fighting on this mountain. To reach the beginning of the cable we will have to go through ancient war trenches, including a long and narrow tunnel that runs in the deepest of the mountain. Once the fun ferrata is over, all that remains is to continue among the ancient trenches to the top.

time: 1.20 h approach, 1h30 via ferrata, 1h20 return.


VAL BADIA, Gardenaccia.

The Les Cordes in the past used to lead the shepherds from the village “La Villa” to the high pastures of the Gardenaccia. Today a fun Via ferrata for beginners takes at the grassy plateau where, in addition to the cows, we find refreshment in a beautiful alpine refuge.

time: approach 10 min, 2 h via ferrata, 2 h descent.


VAL DI FASSA, Roda de Vael.

This via ferrata enters the heart of one of the most fascinating Dolomite groups: the Catinaccio. Thanks to the chair lift, we can immediately get at high elevation, making the approach less tiring. The via ferrata follows a sharp rocky ridge to the stupendous peak overlooking the Carezza mountain pastures. Even the return includes some adrenaline-pumping steps!

time: 2 h approach, 3 h via ferrata, 1 h return.