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Via Ferrata medium difficulty: dolomites day trip

Some day trip proposals of medium difficulty Via Ferrata


In this page we would introduce some examples of medium-difficulty day trip via ferrata. Therefore itineraries suitable for fit people, even previous mountain experience is not necessary, they should be not afraid of struggling. The via Ferrata in the Dolomites almost never starts directly from the car-park, but usually involves sections of hike. So in addition to the technical difficulty of climbing, the factors that must be taken into account are the total vertical gap of the tour and the exposure to the void. In these suggestions, you will find an intermediate overall difficulty, within a constant exposure to the void and some section of arms pulling!


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via ferrata climbing


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8 medium difficult day trip via ferrata

On the WW1 front: Via ferrata degli Alpini Col dei Boss

From Col Gallina refuge in about 40 minutes we’ll reach an area of ​​ruins with large buildings: it is the Italian military hospital built in 1916 surrounded by high walls, sheltered from enemy fire. Although the complex of buildings has fallen into disrepair, the contrast between the size of the buildings and the severe alpine environment around, is certainly capable of dismay in the observer. Right here begins a long rocky ridge which in about 3 hours of fun climbing will take us to the top of Col dei Boss. From this summit we begin a trek along a barren and spectacular plateau which is also the scene of an absurd war of position, then starting to descend in altitude, back to the car park. 

Time: 40 minutes approach, 3 h ferrata, 2h trekking.

the classic medium difficult via ferrata VAL GARDENA, Pisciadù.

The via Ferrata Tridentina is one of the best known and surely a “masterpiece” in the Dolomites. Once started, we will soon reach the beginning of this via ferrata which enters inside the deep of the Sella group. At the beginning of the season, you can enjoy the privilege of climbing alongside a large waterfall which is due to the melting of the snow at the top. The via ferrata surprise the climbers until the end, in fact a narrow bridge above the void marks the end of the climb.  From here in a few minutes we will reach the Pisciadù refuge and its good alpine meal for a deserved break,  before tackling the descent, along the Pisciadù valley.

Time: 30 min approach, 3h30 ferrata, 1h30 descent.


an historical day trip: PASSO S.PELLEGRINO, Costabella.

The Via Ferrata Bepi Zac is a more isolated and remote route than many others, along this itinerary, in addition to the panorama of the surrounding mountains, we can easily do some encounters with wildlife such as ibex and eagles. The approach is made shorter by the presence of a chair lift: from the top station, we’ll reach the Passo Selle hut in about 45 minutes. After a good Italian coffee we start following the wire that soon leads us to a sharp and aerial rocky ridge. These places were the theatre of war in the years between 1915 and 1918 and they still offer us several interesting insights. If you are looking for a hut to hut trip, this itinerary is included in the wild via ferrata tour.

Time: 7 hours in total, 4 of which in via Ferrata.


MARMOLADA, cresta del Padon: in front of the queen

As well as the previous route described, this circular itinerary is an historical route, which runs along a sharp, at times very sharp, rocky ridge. The “via ferrata delle Trincee” it goes up and down through rocks that once saw Italian and German soldiers living a few meters away, perhaps more committed to facing an incredibly hostile nature rather than an imposed enemy. After a committing section at the beginning, we tackle exciting passages of more limited difficulty. The view of the Marmolada glacier dominates us along the entire Via ferrata. The last surprise of the day trip: a long tunnel dug during the war, marks the end of the itinerary and leads us near the Padon refuge.

Time: 1h30 approach, 4h30 via ferrata.



Punta Fiames is a sharp spire clearly visible looking from Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the direction of Fiames. The via ferrata “Strobel” runs up to this smooth wall: it takes advantage of a series of natural ledges that slowly lead us to the small top. From there we will admire the Tofane in front of us and the Sesto Dolomites behind, in the distance. The descent takes place along a long stony gully where you can practice a full Dolomite discipline: skiing on gravel!

Time: 1h15 approach, 3h30 via ferrata, 1.20 return.


PASSO FALZAREGO, Punta Anna: in the heart of the Dolomites

The Via Ferrata Punta Anna runs along an edge which reaches the summit of Punta Anna, it continues then to the top of the Tofana di Mezzo. The main features of this itinerary are a short approach, a fun athletic climbing and a constant exposure. While presenting several challenging steps, it is still to be considered of average global difficulty. Thankfully for us, the descent can be fast and fun due to the presence of a long scree, which allows us to “ski” on its soft bed of small pebbles.  The end of the tour is at the Dibona refuge, where we have the chance to taste well-deserved refreshment. If you are looking for a hut to hut trip, this itinerary is included in our WW1 traverse.

Time: 40 min approach, 3h via ferrata, 1h20 return.


VAL BADIA, Piz da Lech: spectacular medium difficulty via ferrata

The day trip via ferrata we propose here, overcomes a typical dolomites impressive overhanging face, thanks to a series of chimneys and bottlenecks hidden along the rounded edge of the mountain. In addition, however, is necessary to use several metal ladders, the result is certainly a fun ferrata, in a lunar environment. In addition, the approach is very short, thanks to two lifts that from the town of Corvara take us effortlessly to high altitudes. The ferrata then reaches the top of Piz da Lech from which the panorama offered is simply priceless. After a good sandwich we take the downhill path which, after a small equipped section, takes us back to the chair lift.

Time: approach 20 min, 3h30 via ferrata, 1h20 descent.


VAL DI FASSA, Masarè: a day trip close to Bolzano

This day trip via ferrata enters the heart of one of the most fascinating Dolomites groups: the Catinaccio. Thanks to the chair lift we can immediately get up to altitude making the approach less tiring. The via ferrata follows a sharp rocky ridge called Masarè, which overlooks the mountain pastures of the Carezza pass. There’s no lack of athletic passages and ladders, but in case it wouldn’t be enough, instead of taking the descent, you can continue to the top of the Roda de Vael!

Times: 1 h approach, 3 h via ferrata, 1 h return.