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Some of the Dolomites have slender summits, towering like daring pinnacles; others stretch out in jagged ridges, like the fangs of an alligator’s jaw. Vertical walls several thousands of feet high hang over the valley below, ripped by deep gullies, completely bare, stripped of any vegetation with shades of mostly yellow and dark white. (…)
In some places they make take the shape of giant towers, in others the sharp, dense and pointy spires are so prevailing to look like a bundle of bayonets or swords.

 “A Handbook for Travellers in Southern Germany” John Murray 1837

(It) The discovery of the mountaineering aspect of the Dolomites started in the middle of the 19th century, by pioneers such as John Ball o Paul Grohmann. In a few years, they climbed the main summits together with their guides. Some of the legendary figures connected with these times are Francesco Lacedelli, Santo Siorpaes, Angelo Dimai and F. Innerkofler.

Today, more than 150 years after these pioneering feats, the Dolomites still retain all their charm. The endless amount of vertical walls to be found in the here is such that discovery never really ends. Indeed, climbers from all over the world can find something to test themselves on, starting from shorter, easier routes up to some true “big walls”, which cam take several days on the wall to complete.

Freewheeling dolomites mountain guides are ready to bring all their experience in taking you along the routes most suited to your abilities. Together we will discuss the length, grade and climbing style that fits you. Thereafter, depending on season and weather conditions, we will set on the wall and summit to make this an unforgettable experience.

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